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Guild News
Welcome to 6.0: Onslaught

New features coming:
  • New Sub Rewards
  • Subscribe up to Monday 1st October for Nautolen Race for free, otherwise, you'll have to buy via the Cartel Market (600 cc)
  • New level cap
  • 75
  • Two New Planets
  • Onderon & Mek-Sha
  • Coreilla revamped & flashpoint
  • Revisit Corellia in a new flashpoint, currently called "Corellia"
  • New Operation
  • Duxn, the moon of Onderon
  • New gearing system
  • Spoils of War
  • New Items
  • Tactical Item & Amplifiers
  • Tactical Item
  • Passive abilities, they are designed for you to pick one that plays to your style; aoe, burst, etc.
  • Amplifiers
  • Stats that are given to your armourings/hilts, mods & enhancements, you can "reload" stats depending on which stats you like; more armour, more health, more force damage, more tech damage, etc.
  • Legacy Changes
  • All gear including relics, implants, and earpieces will be legacy bound and you can easily transfer between characters. The gear piece, not the armouring, will contain the set bonus.