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Guild Owner Statement:

The following forums post is a statement from the owners of the guild:

Inactivity after 250 days will result in a kick from the guild. Otherwise, tell an officer for an extended break.

Social Rules:
  • No abuse of any kind, vocal, or other else.
  • No threats either by in-game or on Discord.
  • No offensive nicknames or account names.
  • No harassment, sexual or otherwise.
  • No hateful comments about anyone in-game and on Discord.
  • No talking about religion & politics.

Guild Officers:
  • Magnetu
  • Arvo'resh
  • S'iiha
  • Syydaa
  • Lenniest
  • Zed
Guild Leader:
  • Peyppo

Conquest Rules:

Conquest Rewards:

Raid Information:

Guild Ranks Explained:

All ranks will be stated and explained in this forum post:



Guild Bank Structure:

The guild bank structure will be explained below:

Guild Bank Items:

The guild bank items will be displayed below:

PVP Information:

All PvP information will be located here:
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